Saturday, March 23, 2013

DaveK's Journey Roadie shirts, and some pics

Here are a couple other examples of the shirts made for the roadies that liked to chase the babes. I have a few examples too for reference. Also enjoy the great pics he shared from his collection when he was a press photographer at one of the Day on the Green shows. Thanks again Dave!

DaveK's Collection of Journey Tour Jackets

The internet is great. Because of it fellow collector Dave Keeler got in touch and revealed to me the world of collecting vintage concert and roadie tour jackets. He has been a press photographer for years and attended a bunch of concerts and got the bug for collecting this stuff. His blog is great, as is his collection. Its all at Vintage Tour Jackets.

He generously offered to let me post some pics of his coats here. I do have one Escape era tour coat that he does not have that you can also see for reference of what is out there. I am really really wanting the Escape bomber roadie jacket here that is very hard to come by (one reader contacted me and has one but I can't afford the $650 he is asking - I offered $200 but no dice. Gonna keep working it tho!) . I have seen the black Departure coat at least three other times but have missed out on all of them (they usually go between $60 and $100) - The other jackets I had never seen - the stitching is just gorgeous on those.

Pretty blue Evolution shirt

Another 2012 acquisition. No details on the origin, whether this was sold at concerts or record stores or what have you. Its a nice blue and the prints are real pretty upon it!

1979 Day on the Green Journey shirt with Pot Leaf

Never took Journey fans to be big time dopers, nor does the music tend to trip you out when high, but I thought this one was unique and fun. Looks pretty official, but for all I know it could have been a parking lot shirt. Top pic is the back of the shirt. This is from those Bill Graham mega shows in Oakland.

Another version of the Captured t-shirt

Not sure of the origin of this shirt, but these started cropping up on eBay a year or two ago. That front (first image) is standard issue for these, but the back  usually has the Departure winged beetle on it. One listing on eBay mentioned it was created for radio station promotions. Also have seen one with "Steve Smith" above the image on the back of the shirt. Glad to have this one tho as the Captured image on the back is not on any other official Journey shirts that I am aware of.

Frontiers tour Florida Jam Journey concert shirt gotten

I have  been wanting one of these jerseys for a long time. Love the sunglasses on the robot! These come up pretty frequently, but usually way overpriced. I got this one for $60 on eBay after the seller relisted it for a way higher price - I mentioned to them what I would pay and they relisted as a buy it now. Got it before someone else did. I think its a pretty fair price for this. Also there is a California version of this shirt (with sunglasses) I will be trying for next.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Stunner! Florida Escape tour shirt finally found - Collection is complete

Here it is. Possibly rarer than the rarest of Journey shirts. I saw the Lakeland Civic Center shirt from 1981 only once before in a lot of shirts on eBay back in the early 2000s. Didn't buy them all then as the price was high and I figured it would come up again soon. Well, its been over 10 years since another showed up - I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Seemed unreal. Unfathomable even. I doublechecked it real fast to make sure it wasnt a fake or anything, and hit the Buy it Now button for $87. Listing said it was from a record exec's collection. So, so glad that exec decided to part with this kind of stuff. I am still amazed that I have it.

And as you can see, the group is now complete. These are the four shirts from 1981 that feature the distinctive Journey Escape font tilted on its side: includes the Seattle shirt, the Dallas and Houston shows, and the Syracuse show. There is no way in hell you will ever see these four shirts together anywhere else.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Making friends

So you see I am a Journey fan and memorabilia collector. I also use social media to stay in tune with the activities of friends and others. Recently I friended and was befriended by Gregg Rollie, Herbie Herbert and Neal Schon - the latter which responded to me when I posted this Journey shirt collection on his Facebook page with this:

"cool, I will check it out"

It feels good to have reached out. To not reach is to ball up and wait for your appendages to flab up.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Random Journey Shirt from Time3 Box Set Era

journey fan club shirt with Time 3 box set artworkLast shirt I have to post. Its from the Journey Force Fan Club featuring art from the Time3 box set. It dont really fit in with the collection. But I have to post it. Still has the beetle on there.

Hope to post a couple more shirts for I will never stop checking eBay and vintage clothing stores around the world. I hope to share this blog with the band (I have a lead on the current drummer) and whomever else can fill the gaps in this collection which is nearly complete. I may move on to random thoughts and postings from here, but hope you come along and check out the garb from time to time. I love Journey.

Three More Signatures

Because they only allow five photos in a post. That top pic has two shirts in there, so you know. And in the second pic, that little thing on the bottom right is a hole. Thank you.

Journey Shirt Artist Signatures

Enjoy these real signatures and copyright marks from truly authentic Journey shirts from the 80s. You will feel wize.

Examples of Vintage T-shirt Tags

Here are a few poorly captured shots of some of the tags on the Journey shirts I own. Just to give you an idea what to look for if you are trying to determine if a shirt is fake or real. Good luck and dont get ripped off.

Escape Tour Roadie Sweatshirt

I think I already posted this one, but its a roadie sweatshirt from the Journey Escape tour and is one of my favorites ever. The neckhole is a v-neck and misshapen so i generally wear it around the house to the delight of Ginger.

1980 Departure Tour Road Crew Shirt

Here is another rarity. A road crew shirt from 1980. Pretty straightforward as you can see. I did include the last image as a comparison to the neato Journey band member softball shirt that I also am blessed to own. One says Road Crew, other says Artist. A notable distinction.

Journey Roadie Shirt - Trim Express

If you dont know what trim means, I cant tell you now. But this is another Journey roadie shirt relating to womanizing. This was a lucky find - someone was selling some random concert shirts on eBay, so i looked at what else they were hawking and this was in there. I wouldnt have known it was a Journey related one unless I had gotten the pink one in the previous post. I love how inappropriate this is.

Journey Roadies Loved the Ladies

Ahoy. This is a beat up Journey roadie shirt got as part of a group being sold on eBay that included my Journey Escape Japan tour rising sun shirt. I guess this was their secret club logo for chasing skirt. I am posting another here in a bit. This one is pink and i have never worn it because its so beat up. But i like that i got it

Bro Dome!

These two shirts were created in honor of Pat Morrow, the tour manager for Journey in the 80s. Apparently up close he looked like the Gerber Baby or quasi-moto depending on whom you asked. I wear the shit out of these and people always ask what its about. Got them as a lot from the Herbie Herbert auction a couple years back. Never seen anything like them elsewhere.