Sunday, November 16, 2014

Journey Bacstage Passes, Decals, and Patches Collection, with Picture Disc

Finally got all the passes, stickers, and patches put into a frame.

That top Frontiers patch is pretty rare, as are the two passes with the red borders.
The two Captured patches, towards the bottom, came on special edition 45s - the one is still on the record there. They are very cool.
That Escape sticker is original era, and you can see a Neal Schon pick attached to if you look real close.
Put that picture disc in the middle to bring it all together.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Journey Fan Club Merchandise Order Forms

Just thought I would throw these up for reference. I was a Journey Force member in the mid to late 80s and have a lot of old newsletters lying around. Lot of this stuff is fairly easy to find, other things like the Force sweatshirt, Frontiers duffle bag, and that satin jacket - not so much.

Journey Baseball Hats and Painters Cap

These are some hats that Journey sold at some shows, I believe. They are utterly unwearable because they look really stupid and huge on one's head. But the patches are cool. The painters hat is kinda cool with the range of artwork all over it. There are other versions of it, but I like this one the best.

Journey Rose Bowl 1982 Escape Tour Balloon!

Amazed this survived, what with the fascination with balloon-popping in the late 80s! Got it on eBay for a couple bucks or something.

Journey Ephemera Collection: Letterhead, Record Store Stuff, Greeting Cards

Check out a few pics of some paper-based collectibles I have accrued over the years. See the captions for pertinent and perhaps relevant details on each.

Top and bottom images are the Journey Escape era greeting card cover and inside message. Love seeing the other letters of the Escape font being used here. I haven't seen anything else where they used that as such. Middle image is cover of 1983 greeting card. 

Three above images are the brochure sent by Columbia records to record stores describing the posters and flats available. The middle die cut sign was obtained in a separate auction but is one of the items listed in the brochure. 

Several sheets of unused Journey letterhead from an eBay auction.

A letter I received from the Journey Fan Club about a note I sent them asking for fan club info for ordering tickets to the Raised on Radio show in Cleveland.  I added the two decals in there to fill up space - the one on the left is often available on eBay, the other was the one I got at the Frontiers show in Cleveland at Richfield Coliseum. 

Road crew paper pad from Escape tour. I got this in a lot of Journey ephemera on eBay. One other item I won was a backstage sign that was on one of the doors for the crew - but the dogs ended up tearing it to shreds after it fell off the wall. It was red and had the landed beetle logo on it. I miss it and hope another comes up someday.
But to make up for the lost Escape sign, I did score this bad boy from another eBay auction! Only one I have seen so far...

Journey T-shirt Test Proof Print and Journey Pins and Buttons

Got this test print on felt of a Journey Captured shirt on eBay in about 2004. It is hand-numbered 102-293. I have never seen another of its ilk.

I may have ruined its value by doing so, but stuck my pin and button collection on it for display purposes. Welp, only time is the true test of such things.

Journey Book, Songbook, Escape Tour Book, and Billboard Insert

There is only one official book written about Journey, that I am aware of - its a pretty good read. Here's a pic of it, along with two song books I got from an eBay auction - the seller claimed to have the world's largest Journey collection and tried to sell the whole thing for $10,000 in one auction - it included the Journey arcade game, acetates, and a ton of other stuff. He ended up listing some stuff individually, but his reserves were outlandish. Like $575 for the leather Escape crew bomber jacket he had. Its rare but not worth that much.

He also said he has a Journey crew shirt with either the Tazmanian Devil or Yosemite Sam on it (I forget which) from the Frontiers tour. I would buy that if he would have parted with it, but he wont for any decent prices, it seems.

Also see the Billboard magazine insert from the Frontiers era. Its really cool - lots of neat ads and congrats from the industry folks for their success. It doesnt come up much on eBay. I obtained it personally in 1983.
Journey Billboard Magazine 1983 Frontiers insert

Journey Escape tour book

Journey by Robyn Flans

Journey Captured and Escape song books

Some Journey Escape and Frontiers Promo Albums and Singles

Thinkin its time to show off some of the other collectibles I have gathered over the years. Here are some examples of album-sized promotional sleeves I have hanging on the wall...

Note the Steve Smith autograph on the last one. I got it at a drum clinic he put in in Akron, OH after the Raised on Radio album. Someone asked him to explain the drum beat for the title track to the Frontiers album, and then when he offered to play it everyone scooted up in their seats. It was really cool. He also spoke about why he left the band - how 'Perry' came in and had a different drummer come in and redo the drums he had already played for most of the tracks. He ended up on only three of the songs. Bummed me out to hear that for sure. He's one fine drummer. Look up his solos on YouTube sometime.

Super Stunner! Blue Escape Promo Shirt Only Seen in Internet Dreams

The only evidence of the following mysterious shirt exists is in this photo I dug up on the Internet.

See Neal's shirt. I wondered if he had that specially made or something. That is the design that is only on the back of the standard Escape tour shirts and jerseys that were never customized.

So one of these finally appeared on eBay - seller said it was from a record promoter's collection of stuff, so I figure that they were handed out here and there to those kinda big wigs. Its the only one I have ever seen and cannot believe its here. I am a big fan of that beetle logo and always wanted that on the front of the shirt, but the only one they did that for was the sleeveless muscle shirt from the Frontiers tour. Hard to wear that one in public without feeling like a dick.

The back is blank, so you know.

Completely Freaky Journey Frontiers Hawaii Road Crew V-neck Shirt

Looks like another roadie sold off a really crazy collection of rare rock memorabilia in Fall of 2014 on eBay. Some especially rare Journey stuff came up (some I already have) but I love when these guys sell things because you end up seeing things you never knew existed. As in this teal sea blue v-neck shirt based on the main shirt sold to fans at the 1983 Frontiers tour shows in Hawaii.

I love when this kinda stuff pops up - its what keeps a fella collecting after all these years. Its super cool and I will take it on any beach vacation I ever go on moving forward. Seller had a starting bid of $75 - I was the only bidder. Note the color varies by shot. The actual color most closely matches the closeups

1977 Infinity Tour Road Crew Shirt Auction Buy

Ever since I missed out on most items in Herbie Herbert's Backstage Auctions selloff, I have been keeping an eye out for Journey stuff in subsequent ones. This cool find came up in 2013 and was able to get it for around $40. Nice road crew shirt to kick off the tour. I included a pic of "The Shirtery" tag as it is the only shirt I have with that brand tag.

Never seen this shirt anywhere before on eBay or nothin' so thinking that its pretty rare.