Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the old man has a hernia

so the old man has a hernia - i know all about that. god, it seems like it was yesterday. 33 years ago. boy, that thing really let my innards out. what a bulge! the doc just kept telling me to shove it back in with my little fingers, but i kept forgetting and one day the dam burst. yes, the surgery was a success! i was up and about within minutes. even had selfless tendencies back then as i hobbled out of bed in immense pain to help a fellow hospitalmate manchild put his toy train together. god, i wish we were still friends he and i. oh, well. i healed and so will my old man. hope he doesnt rush off and mow the lawn the day he gets out of the hospital at the badgering of his old lady - as i was peer pressured by my sister to climb a tree and ride my bigwheel when i got home.
in other news, the bike is riding swell uphills. still tough, but manageable and will be good for me. still a bit of chain rub, but i'll live. i cant stand going back there anymore. looks like castro is gonna die soon. do the cubans care? we dont want to think about it. my little bulbous succulent is making a cute wee flower. immense disappointment in an almost comical sense as news of lecharles' patellar tendon tear keeps sinking in. utterly dumbfounding. smell has been solved as the discovery that receptors in the nose send electrical currents through the odorous molecules to read vibrations between atoms which are then sent as specific signals to the brain for interpretation. death valley is very dangerous in the summer because of the heat. atlantic cod are near extinction - what will we fry?? ambien causes uncontrollable eating during sleep in some patients. the wiki is the way to go big, but is frought with infighting and punks trying to debunk the trunk. finally got rust never sleeps by neil young, an album i always remember seeing around the house when i was a kid. its better than i remember it to be.