Friday, August 14, 2009

Making friends

So you see I am a Journey fan and memorabilia collector. I also use social media to stay in tune with the activities of friends and others. Recently I friended and was befriended by Gregg Rollie, Herbie Herbert and Neal Schon - the latter which responded to me when I posted this Journey shirt collection on his Facebook page with this:

"cool, I will check it out"

It feels good to have reached out. To not reach is to ball up and wait for your appendages to flab up.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Random Journey Shirt from Time3 Box Set Era

journey fan club shirt with Time 3 box set artworkLast shirt I have to post. Its from the Journey Force Fan Club featuring art from the Time3 box set. It dont really fit in with the collection. But I have to post it. Still has the beetle on there.

Hope to post a couple more shirts for I will never stop checking eBay and vintage clothing stores around the world. I hope to share this blog with the band (I have a lead on the current drummer) and whomever else can fill the gaps in this collection which is nearly complete. I may move on to random thoughts and postings from here, but hope you come along and check out the garb from time to time. I love Journey.

Three More Signatures

Because they only allow five photos in a post. That top pic has two shirts in there, so you know. And in the second pic, that little thing on the bottom right is a hole. Thank you.

Journey Shirt Artist Signatures

Enjoy these real signatures and copyright marks from truly authentic Journey shirts from the 80s. You will feel wize.

Examples of Vintage T-shirt Tags

Here are a few poorly captured shots of some of the tags on the Journey shirts I own. Just to give you an idea what to look for if you are trying to determine if a shirt is fake or real. Good luck and dont get ripped off.

Escape Tour Roadie Sweatshirt

I think I already posted this one, but its a roadie sweatshirt from the Journey Escape tour and is one of my favorites ever. The neckhole is a v-neck and misshapen so i generally wear it around the house to the delight of Ginger.

1980 Departure Tour Road Crew Shirt

Here is another rarity. A road crew shirt from 1980. Pretty straightforward as you can see. I did include the last image as a comparison to the neato Journey band member softball shirt that I also am blessed to own. One says Road Crew, other says Artist. A notable distinction.

Journey Roadie Shirt - Trim Express

If you dont know what trim means, I cant tell you now. But this is another Journey roadie shirt relating to womanizing. This was a lucky find - someone was selling some random concert shirts on eBay, so i looked at what else they were hawking and this was in there. I wouldnt have known it was a Journey related one unless I had gotten the pink one in the previous post. I love how inappropriate this is.

Journey Roadies Loved the Ladies

Ahoy. This is a beat up Journey roadie shirt got as part of a group being sold on eBay that included my Journey Escape Japan tour rising sun shirt. I guess this was their secret club logo for chasing skirt. I am posting another here in a bit. This one is pink and i have never worn it because its so beat up. But i like that i got it

Bro Dome!

These two shirts were created in honor of Pat Morrow, the tour manager for Journey in the 80s. Apparently up close he looked like the Gerber Baby or quasi-moto depending on whom you asked. I wear the shit out of these and people always ask what its about. Got them as a lot from the Herbie Herbert auction a couple years back. Never seen anything like them elsewhere.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Most Oldest Journey Shirt I Gots

An ebay procurement, the seller claimed they found a box of these in the garage - someone was a shirt vendor at the 1977 Boulder, Colorado shows and they kept a few. They were flooding the market with them, so this was pretty cheap (around $20) - its pristine and love having it. This is as far back as the collection goes. I will be posting the roadie shirts next!

Kentucky Derby Days Journey Show Shirt

Real rare shirt from the Derby Eve Jam, 1980. Got this in the barrel a the vintage clothing store in Berkeley. The thing i like the most about it is that they misspelled Herbie Herbert's name on the bottom there. And they played with the Babys - perhaps this was when they got the bright idea to get Jonathan Cain on board.

Badly Beaten Journey Shirt

This one is by far the most ragged Journey shirt i got. Its from the 1979 Evolution tour. I think it was a buy it now on ebay for $8.00. They dont come along often so i just got it. It is unwearable. I am glad the previous owner had such a good time in it - at least i hope it was a good time and not a bunch of fist fights.

Swooping Winged Beetle Attacks City

Here are some shirts based on the artwork in the poster from the Day on the Green show. Included in this posting is my only reproduction retro emo Journey shirt, the jersey above with the maroon sleeves. I have tried to get an authentic one a couple times but they didnt fit. So i just went for the fake from Wolfgang's Vault. The last shirt was customized for the LA Forum shows that year.

Journey Jams in Iowa, 1980

I always thought this was one of the first shirts that Journey started to work on custom show designs. I havent really seen anything earlier that goes for it like this one. I may be wrong, but i like to think of this shirt as a one of the trendsetters for the band and their shirt design team.

Another Departure Tour Concert Jersey

I like the juxtaposition of the black body and the white sleeves, wherein the usual set up is the opposite. they made another version of this with the captured logo on it that is one of my favorites. this one is also one of my favorites. just so you know, the back is blank, but i have seen a couple of these with radio station lettering melted on for when the band came to their town. not sure if it was common practice, i am just saying.