Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hand scab

this is prominent in my daily goings on - a very small yet tantalizingly painful scab on my left palm from stumbling on the steep ravine trail sunday. right at the bottom of the ladder, i hit the ground running and immediately kicked a rock - stayed on my feet except for a bit of ground scraping with my hands. it was a close one i must say okay! the new balance 872s i have are great but rub a spot on the ball of my right foot big toe side. so i ordered some montrail odysseys and eagerly await their arrival. have taken a couple great rides around the city on the roubaix rc lately and i have to say its real great. there are some new trails opened up in mission bay and indian basin that will soon connect down to foster city and beyond. on the way i stopped by this one little park in a more decrepit part of the area - warm water cove park methinks - and it was filled with scruffy looking skateboarders, black-clad hooligan-looking muther fuckers and unkempt lifelong boozed. the graffiti and overgrown grass was a nice touch. it was pretty harmless, but no need to hang out there really. that whole area is getting plowed and smashed in efforts to rejeuvenate and recommunitize the bayshore with the sanfranians. it will unify us all with a glow so warm and bright.

oh, what else? timothy leary was a shrink and turned on many other shrinks to LSD therapy. britney finally posed nude. the strangers with candy movie is finally coming out and shall be a laugh-riot. dad makes fine wine bottle lamps. clumps of trees trigger each other to release seed so as to glut the area with seed so there are some left to be sown and all not get eaten by birds and cute crafty squirrels - it is yet to be determined how these trees activate themselves, when, and which one goes first. the mt. tam water district has some excellent running trails. the al gore movie is a must see. it will make you mad or scared or frustrated or judgemental or skeptical if you are an asshole.

Friday, June 09, 2006


i love the game but now its been harder to find the cool free versions on the web. go ahead and try searching for it on goog. see? got lots going on, including scoring some unwanted, unsold swag from herbie herbert's memorabilia. i missed the real good stuff which really pains me, but i was fortunate to land at least a couple things. though, they arrived today only to be really bad sizes for me. the framed photo is so great tho. if my apt. werent so tny, i would hang it prominently right this minute - screw the bloggin' also got me a new road bike which i have to say is super great fun ride. sleek and light and not as much of a change effort-wise than i anticipated but i do cover a lot of ground and feel great when i get back. dont need no doan's, man.
gotta go fetch the mtb over at tom's tonight. left it there after covering over 27 miles in the night and day challenge. we sure got fucked in a harsh way for being late. yet we were greedy and i got locked in the shitter at the golden gate bridge. nonetheless, we did great and i still cant believe i was able to comfortably deal with that mileage. never did that distance before, nor have rarely have exercised for 7 hours straight. so much for all my issues of late feeling like i am anemic, riddled with cancerous goo, and operating on a gunked up heart. i still got it and i am gonna keep gotting it until i puke and die or something or other violent,