Sunday, February 15, 2009

Most Oldest Journey Shirt I Gots

An ebay procurement, the seller claimed they found a box of these in the garage - someone was a shirt vendor at the 1977 Boulder, Colorado shows and they kept a few. They were flooding the market with them, so this was pretty cheap (around $20) - its pristine and love having it. This is as far back as the collection goes. I will be posting the roadie shirts next!

Kentucky Derby Days Journey Show Shirt

Real rare shirt from the Derby Eve Jam, 1980. Got this in the barrel a the vintage clothing store in Berkeley. The thing i like the most about it is that they misspelled Herbie Herbert's name on the bottom there. And they played with the Babys - perhaps this was when they got the bright idea to get Jonathan Cain on board.

Badly Beaten Journey Shirt

This one is by far the most ragged Journey shirt i got. Its from the 1979 Evolution tour. I think it was a buy it now on ebay for $8.00. They dont come along often so i just got it. It is unwearable. I am glad the previous owner had such a good time in it - at least i hope it was a good time and not a bunch of fist fights.

Swooping Winged Beetle Attacks City

Here are some shirts based on the artwork in the poster from the Day on the Green show. Included in this posting is my only reproduction retro emo Journey shirt, the jersey above with the maroon sleeves. I have tried to get an authentic one a couple times but they didnt fit. So i just went for the fake from Wolfgang's Vault. The last shirt was customized for the LA Forum shows that year.

Journey Jams in Iowa, 1980

I always thought this was one of the first shirts that Journey started to work on custom show designs. I havent really seen anything earlier that goes for it like this one. I may be wrong, but i like to think of this shirt as a one of the trendsetters for the band and their shirt design team.

Another Departure Tour Concert Jersey

I like the juxtaposition of the black body and the white sleeves, wherein the usual set up is the opposite. they made another version of this with the captured logo on it that is one of my favorites. this one is also one of my favorites. just so you know, the back is blank, but i have seen a couple of these with radio station lettering melted on for when the band came to their town. not sure if it was common practice, i am just saying.

Really Red Departure Tour Journey Shirt

The pics say it all. Deep red rocking out was going down in this shirt. Cream colored sleeves. Its really pretty in person.

1980 Begins with a Very Rare and Very Sporty Shirt

What we have here is a very true rarity. This is a shirt made for the band members that they wore in their softball games. I guess Journey and the crew liked the game, and played charity events and radio stations and stuff. This is the only one i have ever seen. Its in pretty great condition so i am not sure if it is "game worn" or not. I hope that it is but one often can never know such things. As you can see in the first picture, Gregg Rolie has one on and seems to be having a great time.