Thursday, April 20, 2006

lying deliverers

when you say you will deliver a package and specify that you will come at a certain time of day by putting a circle around the letters 'am' i think you should be able to be here then. i am so trapped here because of this. its sunny and cute out and i sit here all dirty and in my jammies in the middle of the afternoon. i just want my danish modern chair so badly - to rest my weary body upon it and to admire its sleek lines as i walk by it from room to room.
since i have accepted a job at cnet, i am interested in doing something between now and when i start - thinking about camping in kings canyon or something. i want to see ol' general sherman and maybe even climb into her canopy. it has been said that its the largest living organism on earth but apparently that record is now held by some fungus in oregon. aspen groves can be big too. but when you look at one of those trees towering over ye, it wins for best drama. amazing.
there are a lot of hair pullers out there that have calloused fingertips from all the yanking, worn teeth from the chewing, and digestive problems from the eating. its unbelievable.
SF celebrated the 100th anniversary of the big quake. its amazing that much of the city, from the embarcadero out to the mission was torched. van ness was used as a fireblock as they blew up many of the buildings along there to keep flames checked. there was a firemans parade and thousands gathered at lotta's fountain - i saw one woman put a note in one of its crevaces as they did after the quake in hopes of finding friends and relatives. its kindof neat. as is the case with any anniversary like this the fearmongers are out in full force telling us we will all die or be in real bad shape when it hits. i agree, but it will be a good opportunity to get some perspective and get the community to work together - that is if we dont all die. i intend on going to the NERT training soon.
okay, back to waiting and waiting for these big dumb jerks that have my stuff.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


foraged on the web are such morsels as that excellent Titanic 2 trailer. you can find it on YouTube which is in fact a great place to find funny or pertinent videos on the web. dont bother looking for smut there - its void of it and amen to that on this day that jesus decided to leap into the sky for us. i had not one bit of ham today, unless you count pepperoni as ham. well, do you?
other things heard: a mom note arrived and she is pleased that i am reading LOTR. being pleased about her pleasings makes me pleasy. ocean beach is a real big mess after all these storms. looks like a beach cleanup is in order. when you get your gall bladder removed due to stones, you get a constant drip of bile so fatty foods can be pretty disagreeable - experiment and be smart. if your computer is slow, you may have some issues with your RAM. people are paying good money to live in quaint little communities of 400 square foot prefab cottages - they dont suit the riff raff either. there is a movie called "The Glove" starring rosie grier. the indians are showing that they are not so special after all and hence my excitement for the team wanes. cavs playoffs will be nice, but no way they come close to winning more than a game if they end up against detroit - detroit sure knows how to distupt anything cavs try to do related to playing basketball. there are dozens of books for women on how to reduce stress and anxiety and begin to feel some sort of self worth, while there were none specifically for dudes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

make metadata

getting the hang of harnessing and wielding the various forms of metadata out there in the business world. the data about data and the relationships between the data and the data about data is key to revealing interesting content in relevant and relational way. there is metadata about the type of content, who made it, when it was made, what it is, and where it should show up. the semantic stuff is still a bit nebulous to me, and getting the servers and software to return the right stuff at the right time from various parts of the company (products and reviews and articles and price comparisons)
its complex but will become all the more clear with a shot of old grandad and a couple tokes on the old crystalmeth. just kidding. i dont care for such stimulants. i am on half caf and even know how to seal a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. grab the top and pinch it all the way down to the top of the beans to get all the air out then get to rolling it and rolling it and when it meets the beans use the little foldy bender to keep it closed by tucking them under the little awnings on the side of the bag itself. its ingeniously anal.
there is a lot of hoopla surrounding the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. articles are being reprinted in the papers, one such stating that the military had the full go ahead to shoot any looters. there was also a real estate boom after the disaster cooled off. there are little fake camps in the presidio like the ones where refugees had to hang. the tents were much smaller and certainly more pointy back in those days we used to wear an onion on our belts, see, because that was the style in the time. anyway, the big question is when is the next one? trust a licensed psychic to tell you.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

man is tam great

had an excellent run up on mt. tamalpais today. its a great place with lots of ups and downs and flats and even some rocky terrain. much more so than the ultra-graded paths of the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. this is the route i usually do - it can take about 2.5 hours to complete if you stay hydrated, fed, trained, and focused.
start at mountain home and head down ocean view dropping into muir woods - take a right on the main path down there and dodge many fatpantsed tourists - go left across the first creek bridge and head up that trail that connects to ben johnson - climb for a long while to the nexxus of TCC and alpine - take the latter up to pantoll and have a free drink of water - barrel down steep ravine in a fun way - take a left at dipsea and climb again out of the ravine to emerge atop a grassy plain with grand views of the city and the ocean - dip into the woods and hang a left onto the TCC again - enter the van wyck meadow and go right to the bootjack trail for another technical downhill - reenter muir woods and look for the fern creek trail on the left - soon veer onto the lost trail which connects back to ocean view and up to whence you came. its fun and hard and there are these pretty little blue flowers everywhere and the moss is so bright green and the moisture! my head was drenched as was the trail which contributed to my falling and scraping up the side of my leg on a certain part of the trail that i shouldnt have been on due to some washouts. this is why i want to build trails, to prevent such trailrash, a poem.

Friday, April 07, 2006


the days of the computer mouse are numbered. we are trained to think that blasted device is the best way to click and cursor, but no. it is not. got my fancy new keyboard with the highly programmable touchpad and extras for making web browsing easier. get one today.
ergonomics are very important for preventing such outbreaks as hackers back, ranglers wrist, typie toes, and repetitive radii. seriously, i wanted to invent a fancy footmouse with little pads to kick to activate things - and you would have had to wear special comfy slippers made of the softest supplest fleece complete with sensors on the bottoms to make things move and prance on the screen. i wanted to but didnt know how i could do it without it costing over $600 quid.

mother would be pleased to know that i am engulfed with the fellowship of the ring, a tolkien joint. its rife with adventure and the sinisterness of otherworldliness. its great stuff indeed. sorta wish i had read them before seeing the movies. i keep seeing sean astin's dopey mug whilst reading. it sucks.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


playing in the SFDA has its merits. one gets to drink a lot and hang out with fun, sometimes quirky, and nice people. but then you have to play the game. and that can be somewhat enraging. you do everything right, you practice quite a bit, you concentrate, you have a good time. but all you have to show for it is average stuff. i have always found that when i am not thinking about the game, when i am distracted by chumming* around or am on autopilot - that is when i have my best throws. so, i need to not try as hard? dont concentrate? just let my brain stem take charge? that isnt fun either. if i set out to hit something big, i wanna size it up with my eyes and arm and get it in there. just hurling it up there and hitting it is nice but its sort of like sleepwalking. anyway, its a fickle game that gets in your head. its way too easy to make the game hard.

more: the fattest and laziest of mole rats get to mate, sisters of mercy concerts have too much smoke, the tribe will contend for the Central if they play as guttily as they did yesterday to win the series vs. the sinister white sox, and my nieces are the cutest little buggers ever.

Following is my “Only Chum Recipe.”

Supplies & Ingredients:
1 box of heavy duty zip lock plastic freezer bags
1 five gallon bucket
a garden hand rake or stirring implement
Garden Hose
1 gallon pure pogy (menhaden) oil
1 - 3 pound can whole kernel corn
Rice, oats, macaroni (optional)
12 cans Kozy Kitty cat food (sold at most stores 3/$1)
6 loaves of wheat or stone ground bread. Some bakery outlet stores sell old bread for 10 cents per loaf, you must ask for “critter food”.
Food processor (Warning: You may burn it up and don’t even think about telling the wife what you need it for)
Electric can opener

Chop bread in processor
Dump 12 cans of cat food into bucket, mixing in bread with small amounts of water. Consistency desired like thick soup
Stir in 2 cups of Pogy oil, evenly distributed
Take off gas mask and drink one cold beer a safe distance from bucket
Fill freezer bags and double bag
Lay bags flat in kitchen freezer (Warning: see Food Processor above)
Transport chum in designated chum cooler with ice over and under
Use ½ bag at a time ( fits perfectly into a standard nylon chum bag)

Depending upon your target species, chum deployment is the next issue

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

something is giving

i feel something forth. one must stick with it and i am doing such. it is important not to slack when jobs are needing to be found. i look every day and i must do more, but today was a fine start to the week what with the three prospects leading to next steps. i will make an employer very happy one day. as will a modern mid-century danish chair - they are very cool!
some other tidbits - devils slide is too deadly for travelers right now as calif. is saturated to the mantle - all gurgles around here and slugger is an anagram of that. hoopla!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

rain gets in the way

antique dealers dont thrive in the rain. they scatter and putter and frantically rewrap and box up shit. it is a good indicator to see the stuff they leave out in the rain, like paintings and furniture - my dick if they are actually worth anything.
then the mud got kicked up on my wettish run in the Presidio - i found some new trails in the last week, one behind the little cathedral up on the hill adjacent to the cemetery, and another by the nursery along Pacific St.
kate and i made a new recipe mother gave me that makes for real good eatin' - corn tortilla quesadillas filled with luscious ingredients to your liking. bake them for 20 minutes at 350 degrees and its a sure-to-please taste fantasm - after you cram the last monsterous bite into your throat dont be afraid if you see spooks staring at your bulbous belly when you black out on the couch: they are just digestive enzymes.
other tidbits: 30,000 men die of prostate cancer each year, fastrak is free and easy, meet the fockers is a load of flycrap, denzel does a fine job in the new hit movie "inside man" and indiana is now on board with daylight savings time - good riddance.