Friday, January 09, 2009

UPDATE! Seattle Escape Tour Shirt Procured

After much anguish and impatient maniacal browsing and lost auctions and missed opportunities and nightsweats, the Journey Escape tour Seattle show of December, 1981 has become part of my collection. This is the third of the four special city show shirts with the logo lying upon its side that you can see here. I have seen this Seattle one twice before - once i figured a bid of $100 would do the trick and didnt want to get up at 5:00 am to be there at the closing but no, some jackass outbid me for it and the other i plain fucked up as the auction was winding down and i was cooking dinner and got distracted with some sauteeing and the next thing you know i miss it by seconds as i scramble to the computer to hit refresh. All that is behind me now. Though i did discover that the general search for "journey shirt" doesnt list all the Buy it Nows available. you have to hit the tab for that and i was pleased to discover that there were nearly 300 shirts in there, albiet most were stupid "got journey?" milk ad rip offs and cotton from the styx/reo speedwagon/def leppard reunion shows. This one was available, and pricey at $145, but available. Some of those sellers are asking $250 - $400 for some of the shirts - many of which arent all that hard to get. This is by far the most i paid for a shirt, but i just had to. Chances are slimmer and slimmer each day. Now, all i need is the Florida shirt and all will be super duper fine festivals.