Monday, May 29, 2006

welp, such a hiatus. i tried to make myself accountable for this creative endeavour. i will continue, strive. work has begun and i am glad for that. cnet is a great place to be. the product is cool and they have a vision and even an elevator statement. but goddam the tools are some kind of complicated. i look forward to knowing anything at all so i dont feel like a useless laggard all the day. i got a new road bike and as the tweaks happen, so goes the speedy smoothness of this lean ride. i love it and i will log many miles of work on it. sometimes i just stare at it and admire its kickass construction - cruised the marin headlands over the bridge and up conzelman to look over the many military batteries up in yonder beauty. felt much less beat up than i thought i should. i think i may be anemic. frail and weak as of late, but did have the ride yesterday and a 1:15 run today and feel good. gotta get the full marathon in sometime soon. okay byebye