Friday, August 14, 2009

Making friends

So you see I am a Journey fan and memorabilia collector. I also use social media to stay in tune with the activities of friends and others. Recently I friended and was befriended by Gregg Rollie, Herbie Herbert and Neal Schon - the latter which responded to me when I posted this Journey shirt collection on his Facebook page with this:

"cool, I will check it out"

It feels good to have reached out. To not reach is to ball up and wait for your appendages to flab up.


Mick Anger said...

Hi Dave,
Saw your comment on another blog and found you to tell you I have a jacket for sale here if you are still interested:

Davej said...

Holy crap! You have one!
So, I am interested, but unfortunately pretty much all my savings for fun stuff like this just went out to the IRS. The best I could do is $175 for it. I understand how hard these are to find and am really bummed I can't offer more than that right now. Let me know what you think. I really appreciate you letting me know about it.