Friday, March 31, 2006

glaciology and og

luta grav. is good for tired and burning eyes. i dont know what it is so take that with a grain of salt (keep it out of your eye or things will get worse)
glen was washing windows for a glaciologist today and was able to get some further facts on how they study climate change. ice cores can hold data from as far back as 300,000 years, but as the ice gets deeper and more compressed, they can only get a glimpse at a century at a time vs say a year or a decade. greenland has more pollen than antarctica so it is more bountiful with its revealings.
looks like this just might be the rainiest march in recorded history in SF. again this day the sky spits at us.
i saw some BC, the comic strip, drinking glasses at an antique place in the mission. Og was on one of them cursing a boulder or something. i might have enjoyed a cool beverage from that vessel but it cost $9.00 and i am not a big fan of that strip. Mutts is where its at.

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