Monday, January 15, 2007

Shopping problem

been shopping way too much. i have convinced myself that its:

great to catch some after-holidays sales to beef up the closets and built in shelving already billowing forth with shirts and shorts rolled up in a half-assed manner.

a good idea to buy a crapload of untested trail shoes to find the perfect fit that won't blister my footskin or make the ache in the calves. i have bought 3 pair in the last week. one pair makes my calves ache. the other gave me a wee blood blister on my right football. the other is a new pair of montrail highlines that are a bit bulky but fit great and cause no hotspots. but, i rolled my ankle on them in a race and was on crutches for a week. so, that could mean something or some nothing.

i havent had anything delivered in a few weeks so i can get some shit i dont need on ebay like a munsingwear cardigan that i probably will never wear but it was being sold by a guy that i won a journey shirt off of so i could save on shipping by getting something else. i have always liked the little penguin tho, so that will make good sense of the purchase.

there has been nothing in the form of memorabilia, sports or jrny in a long while. i cant think of anything else to collect, so that is pretty slow. i am pleased with my collection of memorabilia - the 70's indians stuff with this logo is coming along - i have a pennant, raincoat, big pinback, Fleer cardboard sign, stadium seat cushion, and fan appreciation coin purse. it was a horrible time for the tribe, but i like that poised character ready to either get hit in the head with some high inside heat or fan on three slurves.

otherness: how can anyone trust what cheney and bush say about any initiatives about the middle east anymore - dick was being interviewed and mentioned numerous actions iran has taken to make them dangerous to us. enron was mired in shady accounting practices, and this compounded by the complex nature of how it predicted profits and loaned money to itself let to its downfall. they may have thought they were doing the right thing to keep the company in good standing, yet it was still wrong - this i believe to be true, sadly true, saddley. still shaking headedness about how poorly the sucknuts played in desert. a pummeling in the pueblo. a mauling on the mesa. now all are heading to the nfl.
angel island is a great place to hike and run. take the stairs out of the ayala cove near the ferry dock and look for the trail to mount livermore. get to the top and see so much beauty from a unique vantagepoint, then head on back. take a right a few hundred yards down the trail as it flattens a bit to make a loop out of it. pretty woods to meander through. did a race there yesterday and it was absolutely pristine out there.

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