Wednesday, January 03, 2007

There it was

So long ago i tried to keep this thing up. So i try once again. There is so much time.
Some things learned:
There are still some Papa Joe's mugs lingering around out there where the wild turkeys abruptly flee from between two of the Three Big Rocks in the creek so enclosed by houses too big for one family who then demand a pond be built to entertain their dunce kids. Cajun food is best served with a crawfish tail sauce. Rafting the Salmon and Snake in fall in Idaho in rafts in a drunken haze is one of the finest vacations one can spend with kindly strangers. Running a marathon on Mt. Tam can be successful and almost fun and certainly fulfilling if you train and get in some quality long runs. Just try one - its fun stuff. Also them urban challenge things can net you a goodly amount of miles in a day, if urged on by aisles of sweet and salty foods stocked at many drug stores in your neighborhood. The devil in the white city was indeed devilish in his demeanor and abilities to kill kill and kill a lot of folks till dead. Then the city went up in flames arson by the out of work and striking workers left after the fair closed its gates. You gotta knead the egg pasta dough a bunch to get it to stay uniform and pretty during the rolling process. Secattrs are a created with the most absurd software tool one could ever possibly conjure up in a cauldron of hateful unfriendliness. Maybe i should be a tool interface designer or something.
Seattle has an underground sidewalk and a very bulbous music museum. It was there that i found my squirrel thermometer.
Sick with a headcold that may be morphing as the last thing i forced out of my nose was something more viscous and of disturbing in color to make a man want to chuck it and go give a chinaman some music lessons. Though, beware of the Dutch Feast!

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Anonymous said...

hey mr. fancy-pants. why all the CAPITALIZED letters?

you've changed.