Saturday, March 23, 2013

DaveK's Collection of Journey Tour Jackets

The internet is great. Because of it fellow collector Dave Keeler got in touch and revealed to me the world of collecting vintage concert and roadie tour jackets. He has been a press photographer for years and attended a bunch of concerts and got the bug for collecting this stuff. His blog is great, as is his collection. Its all at Vintage Tour Jackets.

He generously offered to let me post some pics of his coats here. I do have one Escape era tour coat that he does not have that you can also see for reference of what is out there. I am really really wanting the Escape bomber roadie jacket here that is very hard to come by (one reader contacted me and has one but I can't afford the $650 he is asking - I offered $200 but no dice. Gonna keep working it tho!) . I have seen the black Departure coat at least three other times but have missed out on all of them (they usually go between $60 and $100) - The other jackets I had never seen - the stitching is just gorgeous on those.

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Davek said...

Thanks for Posting Dave,,,, Great Blog also,,,, The item you have that ive been looking for for years is the KOME VS Journey Softball game Jersey,,,,,Best DaveK