Friday, December 26, 2008

The Sole Journey COAT or JACKET!

Yet another tremendous score from the Terry Brennan collection. From a Bill Graham show of which i have no details whatsoever. I have never seen this anywhere ever. Terry also sold his leather bomber roadie jacket from the Escape tour but i missed out with much remorse. I am very fortunate to have this here flannel lined coat though.


Davek said...

nice jacket,,, yes i was the one that won terrys bomber jacket years ago,,,,best david keeler
btw,,, google search,,,

Davej said...

Ha, that is funny you got that jacket. I love the internet. I am extremely jealous, but glad its part of your stellar collection - which has to be one of, if not the best, out there. I kinda pigeon-holed myself with only collecting Journey (tried Rush and some other stuff, but its just not at the same fun level) so kinda running out of things to get. I suspect there are a still a lot of cool jacket out there for you to hunt for though. Backstage Auctions usually has stuff....

Davek said...

Hi DaveJ,, its DaveK

if you want i could send you photos of all my JOURNEY JACKETS to post here and update your cool Journey stuff,if you need my email, my blog has it or google search,,,,keelerphoto10

ps, im still trying to get that Softball jersey ,,,,still looking,,,
btw DJ dennis erectus from KOME radio passed away recently,,,he helped journey alot by playing there songs,,,,DK