Sunday, July 09, 2006

aw, nothing

just sitting around in a relaxing outfit two shades of grey. it is getting late tilting towards another week of safe and static. could a change be a tootin' a whistle at us passersby? denver sure is nice. some pretty sweet oldish places there. some tall and untamable terrain there. i like it here, but all the routes are the same - getting to places unexplored is too involved. it is fun but unpracticable.
saw strangers with candy movie today - it started off pretty good, and a few one liners here and there gave it some levity, but matthew broderick is so lame now - such a large gap between ferris and broadway. he seems a tool to me. and hoffman's character is such a lame one. just buy the dvds of the show and quit bothering me. i am disappointed, okay. hollywood always fucks good things up. they think everything has to be so much more than it needs to be to sell more to masses of soulless posers.
i think i am becoming a stodgy crabbyface older curmudgeon. i really think that the big reason i will eventually leave SF is the aviators.

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