Saturday, July 29, 2006


fog blog entry as the heat wave subsided - has fog ever been to blame for numerous deaths (aside from maritime accidents and driving in pea soup) ?
may develop a screenplay about heat waves called Heat Wave 06 - Hades' Oven. Jeff and i have been bouncing around some ideas such as the main character is in a race against time to deliver ice cold iced tea to the people in overheated and pretty stuffy apartments. Tom Berenger will play the wise but surly sun tea brewer who says stuff like "Get off your ass and get me more tea bags. Go on and save someone!" Jack Black will play the air conditioner repairman who is always a shade too late, and becomes angry and cynical towards the heat and towards life itself. In an ironic twist, his van breaks down because the air conditioning fails. He is left to be saved by our hero, perhaps played by Matthew Modine. In the end, a cool rain falls and the bodies are bagged and a mass migration of people move northward to cooler climes, cooler lives, igloo coolers.
my new bike is giving me the creeps. the shifing in the front is screwed up after trying a smaller chainring. i go yet again to the shop in hopes of spending even more money on making it right so i never have to ever step foot in there with a problem again. it really is hard to pedal that fucker up a steepish hill. would a compact crank help? god if i know. i have a feeling it is the right thing to do. do i? yes, i do.
also, apparently i have a laissez faire attitude about new jobs that require sitting in a hot cramped room with teenagers doing glorified data entry and i dont ask enough questions of people. that takes the cake. i do know i am pretty bad at handing elite triathletes water as they run fastly by me for all the glory. i still cringe at the gatorade that doused that one lanky dude. they started to run past me and get it from the next people. i held the cups too high. to high!
other things: sapsuckers are an integral part of a forest ecosystem by tapping the sap they create food for other insects and hummingbirds and they in turn pollenate and are added to the food chain, you can make water by covering a bunch of leaves with plastic in a bin and letting the condensation drip into a cup in the middle, banjos originated in africa, new borat movie comes out pretty soon, rutting deer are very dangerous, and google is in the news every single day.

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