Saturday, July 01, 2006

songs to learn and sing

hello. i went CD shopping today (and orthotics shopping and vintage clothing shopping and ebay shopping - got the Japan 81 journey shirt, amongst others in a lot that some vintage resellers were warring with me on; i am very excited to own another example from the herbert auction that i missed out on)
and it was one of the more eclectic days for me in amoeba
pink floyd - wish you were here: god it is so good and ahead of its time. beautifully produced and written and composed. crank up welcome to the machine sometime and you will quite possibly cream your jeans.
the softies - holiday in rhode island: a pretty little duet of ladies that sounds really pretty and lovely when you are in the mood for mellow and lovely
the lucksmiths - happy secret: the bass player is so great in this australian group - recommended in the amoeba music we listen to and i thank them for that shit
deftones - white pony: since i got team sleep, i have been pretty obsessed with this chico moreno character. hard and smart and well produced. cool stuff
echo & the bunnymen - songs to learn and sing: a classic from a long time ago that holds up so so well. i saw the video for killing moon on the dubdubdub and loved it. this is one fine album start to finish for you modern rock folk. nope, for anybody. how could anyone not like this? i could see the deftones angering someone, or the softies making someone feel uncomfortable with their sensitive side rearing up, or floyd may be too lumbering and trippity. but this is universal and catchy and outright good. just get the thing and play air guitar to it.

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