Friday, December 26, 2008

Blasting the Roof Off the Carrier Dome

This is one of four Journey special concert shirts that are very hard to come by. And they are ones that people dont know are Journey shirts. I had one person tell me that they thought the words on the front, since they are tilted on their side, looked like Russian writing. Ha! i said. I agree though that it dont jump out at you. There are three others done this way - one from the Texas shows in 1981, one from a Florida gig, and the other of the Seattle skyline. All feature the Journey escape font from the album cover laying on its side above the beetle swooping in and blasting stuff. This one and the Texas one come up once a year at best, but the others i have only seen one other time and it kills me that i dont have them. Help a guy out and let me complete this collection so i can finally share it with the Smithsonian.

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