Friday, December 26, 2008

The Coolest Looking Journey Shirt Ever

This shirt simply kicks asses. Its from the Escape tour shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. On the front is the artwork from the stage backdrop. It is buff and manly. It is also the only shirt that has the guys posing as they are on the Escape LP sleeve. I see these here and there, but they are pretty unique, especially with the way they bring different album artwork together - a practice usually reserved for the parking lot shirt makers. This one was always a must have for me.


JourneyGirl said...

Awesome!! I never got see these guys live. Not with Steve Perry who I love to death. U must have seen them. Could you tell me about the concert? I got into them awhile ago and now I'm hooked for life! The shirts are the most amazing thing I have ever seen!! A friend said she has a Day on the Green shirt for Journey but I think she's lying. Seeing your stock is amazing!!! Your living the life I dream of!! All I have are pictures off the web and DVDs. Call me crazy but I just put together a journey concert together on You tube but you cant see it. So u can say I'm crazy for them! And I love the shirts. I don't have any but I am hoping to get one off of eBay. But their pretty pricey. But I'll hopefully find a way. And question. Which Journey singer do you like the best? I am a Steve Perry fan myself and always will be! As I said before. And again I LOVE the shirts. One will probably be my new wallpaper! Thanks for posting these pictures.

Davej said...

Hey there, glad you like the shirts. I just couldnt believe that there were so many different ones out there when I began to collect them. I just love the old artwork by Stanley Mouse. And I agree, the band is great. I got to see them in 1981, but we had crappy seats behind the stage in the very top row of a 20,000 person arena. But Steve P went around a few times and waved to all of us back there. I had read in interviews that he didnt like the huge shows because there wasnt that intimacy with the fans anymore. I heard that Steve is pondering getting back on stage and recording, so hope you get to see him sometime.