Friday, December 26, 2008

More Journey Escape Tour Rarities - Staff Sweatshirt

I was really excited to see this being offered by a vintage clothing store in Oakland via eBay - i had gone to the store previously after asking them about all the shirts they were selling online - she said to come on by and go through all the shirts that a roadie had sold to them. There were dozens of them in a big barrel that she hadnt priced or seen yet. It was the most exciting time of discovery. I came away with several rare ones, including the Carrier Dome show and another from the Derby Days which i will post later. She got this one later and I won it via ebay and am very glad to have it. Saw only one other and that was on the Herbie Herbert auction. (i'll try to post all the stuff i missed out on later from that auction.

Logo on the front is same as the one on the back of the standard issue shirts. There is also an exceedingly rare shirt with this design covering the entire front of the shirt which i want bad but saw only once on ebay and it was too small anyhow. Here is a picture of Neal Schon wearing it by the lake.

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