Sunday, April 16, 2006


foraged on the web are such morsels as that excellent Titanic 2 trailer. you can find it on YouTube which is in fact a great place to find funny or pertinent videos on the web. dont bother looking for smut there - its void of it and amen to that on this day that jesus decided to leap into the sky for us. i had not one bit of ham today, unless you count pepperoni as ham. well, do you?
other things heard: a mom note arrived and she is pleased that i am reading LOTR. being pleased about her pleasings makes me pleasy. ocean beach is a real big mess after all these storms. looks like a beach cleanup is in order. when you get your gall bladder removed due to stones, you get a constant drip of bile so fatty foods can be pretty disagreeable - experiment and be smart. if your computer is slow, you may have some issues with your RAM. people are paying good money to live in quaint little communities of 400 square foot prefab cottages - they dont suit the riff raff either. there is a movie called "The Glove" starring rosie grier. the indians are showing that they are not so special after all and hence my excitement for the team wanes. cavs playoffs will be nice, but no way they come close to winning more than a game if they end up against detroit - detroit sure knows how to distupt anything cavs try to do related to playing basketball. there are dozens of books for women on how to reduce stress and anxiety and begin to feel some sort of self worth, while there were none specifically for dudes.

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