Thursday, April 06, 2006


playing in the SFDA has its merits. one gets to drink a lot and hang out with fun, sometimes quirky, and nice people. but then you have to play the game. and that can be somewhat enraging. you do everything right, you practice quite a bit, you concentrate, you have a good time. but all you have to show for it is average stuff. i have always found that when i am not thinking about the game, when i am distracted by chumming* around or am on autopilot - that is when i have my best throws. so, i need to not try as hard? dont concentrate? just let my brain stem take charge? that isnt fun either. if i set out to hit something big, i wanna size it up with my eyes and arm and get it in there. just hurling it up there and hitting it is nice but its sort of like sleepwalking. anyway, its a fickle game that gets in your head. its way too easy to make the game hard.

more: the fattest and laziest of mole rats get to mate, sisters of mercy concerts have too much smoke, the tribe will contend for the Central if they play as guttily as they did yesterday to win the series vs. the sinister white sox, and my nieces are the cutest little buggers ever.

Following is my “Only Chum Recipe.”

Supplies & Ingredients:
1 box of heavy duty zip lock plastic freezer bags
1 five gallon bucket
a garden hand rake or stirring implement
Garden Hose
1 gallon pure pogy (menhaden) oil
1 - 3 pound can whole kernel corn
Rice, oats, macaroni (optional)
12 cans Kozy Kitty cat food (sold at most stores 3/$1)
6 loaves of wheat or stone ground bread. Some bakery outlet stores sell old bread for 10 cents per loaf, you must ask for “critter food”.
Food processor (Warning: You may burn it up and don’t even think about telling the wife what you need it for)
Electric can opener

Chop bread in processor
Dump 12 cans of cat food into bucket, mixing in bread with small amounts of water. Consistency desired like thick soup
Stir in 2 cups of Pogy oil, evenly distributed
Take off gas mask and drink one cold beer a safe distance from bucket
Fill freezer bags and double bag
Lay bags flat in kitchen freezer (Warning: see Food Processor above)
Transport chum in designated chum cooler with ice over and under
Use ½ bag at a time ( fits perfectly into a standard nylon chum bag)

Depending upon your target species, chum deployment is the next issue

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