Friday, April 07, 2006


the days of the computer mouse are numbered. we are trained to think that blasted device is the best way to click and cursor, but no. it is not. got my fancy new keyboard with the highly programmable touchpad and extras for making web browsing easier. get one today.
ergonomics are very important for preventing such outbreaks as hackers back, ranglers wrist, typie toes, and repetitive radii. seriously, i wanted to invent a fancy footmouse with little pads to kick to activate things - and you would have had to wear special comfy slippers made of the softest supplest fleece complete with sensors on the bottoms to make things move and prance on the screen. i wanted to but didnt know how i could do it without it costing over $600 quid.

mother would be pleased to know that i am engulfed with the fellowship of the ring, a tolkien joint. its rife with adventure and the sinisterness of otherworldliness. its great stuff indeed. sorta wish i had read them before seeing the movies. i keep seeing sean astin's dopey mug whilst reading. it sucks.

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