Thursday, April 20, 2006

lying deliverers

when you say you will deliver a package and specify that you will come at a certain time of day by putting a circle around the letters 'am' i think you should be able to be here then. i am so trapped here because of this. its sunny and cute out and i sit here all dirty and in my jammies in the middle of the afternoon. i just want my danish modern chair so badly - to rest my weary body upon it and to admire its sleek lines as i walk by it from room to room.
since i have accepted a job at cnet, i am interested in doing something between now and when i start - thinking about camping in kings canyon or something. i want to see ol' general sherman and maybe even climb into her canopy. it has been said that its the largest living organism on earth but apparently that record is now held by some fungus in oregon. aspen groves can be big too. but when you look at one of those trees towering over ye, it wins for best drama. amazing.
there are a lot of hair pullers out there that have calloused fingertips from all the yanking, worn teeth from the chewing, and digestive problems from the eating. its unbelievable.
SF celebrated the 100th anniversary of the big quake. its amazing that much of the city, from the embarcadero out to the mission was torched. van ness was used as a fireblock as they blew up many of the buildings along there to keep flames checked. there was a firemans parade and thousands gathered at lotta's fountain - i saw one woman put a note in one of its crevaces as they did after the quake in hopes of finding friends and relatives. its kindof neat. as is the case with any anniversary like this the fearmongers are out in full force telling us we will all die or be in real bad shape when it hits. i agree, but it will be a good opportunity to get some perspective and get the community to work together - that is if we dont all die. i intend on going to the NERT training soon.
okay, back to waiting and waiting for these big dumb jerks that have my stuff.

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