Sunday, April 09, 2006

man is tam great

had an excellent run up on mt. tamalpais today. its a great place with lots of ups and downs and flats and even some rocky terrain. much more so than the ultra-graded paths of the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. this is the route i usually do - it can take about 2.5 hours to complete if you stay hydrated, fed, trained, and focused.
start at mountain home and head down ocean view dropping into muir woods - take a right on the main path down there and dodge many fatpantsed tourists - go left across the first creek bridge and head up that trail that connects to ben johnson - climb for a long while to the nexxus of TCC and alpine - take the latter up to pantoll and have a free drink of water - barrel down steep ravine in a fun way - take a left at dipsea and climb again out of the ravine to emerge atop a grassy plain with grand views of the city and the ocean - dip into the woods and hang a left onto the TCC again - enter the van wyck meadow and go right to the bootjack trail for another technical downhill - reenter muir woods and look for the fern creek trail on the left - soon veer onto the lost trail which connects back to ocean view and up to whence you came. its fun and hard and there are these pretty little blue flowers everywhere and the moss is so bright green and the moisture! my head was drenched as was the trail which contributed to my falling and scraping up the side of my leg on a certain part of the trail that i shouldnt have been on due to some washouts. this is why i want to build trails, to prevent such trailrash, a poem.

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