Saturday, November 15, 2014

Journey Ephemera Collection: Letterhead, Record Store Stuff, Greeting Cards

Check out a few pics of some paper-based collectibles I have accrued over the years. See the captions for pertinent and perhaps relevant details on each.

Top and bottom images are the Journey Escape era greeting card cover and inside message. Love seeing the other letters of the Escape font being used here. I haven't seen anything else where they used that as such. Middle image is cover of 1983 greeting card. 

Three above images are the brochure sent by Columbia records to record stores describing the posters and flats available. The middle die cut sign was obtained in a separate auction but is one of the items listed in the brochure. 

Several sheets of unused Journey letterhead from an eBay auction.

A letter I received from the Journey Fan Club about a note I sent them asking for fan club info for ordering tickets to the Raised on Radio show in Cleveland.  I added the two decals in there to fill up space - the one on the left is often available on eBay, the other was the one I got at the Frontiers show in Cleveland at Richfield Coliseum. 

Road crew paper pad from Escape tour. I got this in a lot of Journey ephemera on eBay. One other item I won was a backstage sign that was on one of the doors for the crew - but the dogs ended up tearing it to shreds after it fell off the wall. It was red and had the landed beetle logo on it. I miss it and hope another comes up someday.
But to make up for the lost Escape sign, I did score this bad boy from another eBay auction! Only one I have seen so far...

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