Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some Journey Escape and Frontiers Promo Albums and Singles

Thinkin its time to show off some of the other collectibles I have gathered over the years. Here are some examples of album-sized promotional sleeves I have hanging on the wall...

Note the Steve Smith autograph on the last one. I got it at a drum clinic he put in in Akron, OH after the Raised on Radio album. Someone asked him to explain the drum beat for the title track to the Frontiers album, and then when he offered to play it everyone scooted up in their seats. It was really cool. He also spoke about why he left the band - how 'Perry' came in and had a different drummer come in and redo the drums he had already played for most of the tracks. He ended up on only three of the songs. Bummed me out to hear that for sure. He's one fine drummer. Look up his solos on YouTube sometime.

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