Saturday, November 15, 2014

Journey Book, Songbook, Escape Tour Book, and Billboard Insert

There is only one official book written about Journey, that I am aware of - its a pretty good read. Here's a pic of it, along with two song books I got from an eBay auction - the seller claimed to have the world's largest Journey collection and tried to sell the whole thing for $10,000 in one auction - it included the Journey arcade game, acetates, and a ton of other stuff. He ended up listing some stuff individually, but his reserves were outlandish. Like $575 for the leather Escape crew bomber jacket he had. Its rare but not worth that much.

He also said he has a Journey crew shirt with either the Tazmanian Devil or Yosemite Sam on it (I forget which) from the Frontiers tour. I would buy that if he would have parted with it, but he wont for any decent prices, it seems.

Also see the Billboard magazine insert from the Frontiers era. Its really cool - lots of neat ads and congrats from the industry folks for their success. It doesnt come up much on eBay. I obtained it personally in 1983.
Journey Billboard Magazine 1983 Frontiers insert

Journey Escape tour book

Journey by Robyn Flans

Journey Captured and Escape song books

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