Saturday, November 15, 2014

Super Stunner! Blue Escape Promo Shirt Only Seen in Internet Dreams

The only evidence of the following mysterious shirt exists is in this photo I dug up on the Internet.

See Neal's shirt. I wondered if he had that specially made or something. That is the design that is only on the back of the standard Escape tour shirts and jerseys that were never customized.

So one of these finally appeared on eBay - seller said it was from a record promoter's collection of stuff, so I figure that they were handed out here and there to those kinda big wigs. Its the only one I have ever seen and cannot believe its here. I am a big fan of that beetle logo and always wanted that on the front of the shirt, but the only one they did that for was the sleeveless muscle shirt from the Frontiers tour. Hard to wear that one in public without feeling like a dick.

The back is blank, so you know.

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