Saturday, November 15, 2014

Completely Freaky Journey Frontiers Hawaii Road Crew V-neck Shirt

Looks like another roadie sold off a really crazy collection of rare rock memorabilia in Fall of 2014 on eBay. Some especially rare Journey stuff came up (some I already have) but I love when these guys sell things because you end up seeing things you never knew existed. As in this teal sea blue v-neck shirt based on the main shirt sold to fans at the 1983 Frontiers tour shows in Hawaii.

I love when this kinda stuff pops up - its what keeps a fella collecting after all these years. Its super cool and I will take it on any beach vacation I ever go on moving forward. Seller had a starting bid of $75 - I was the only bidder. Note the color varies by shot. The actual color most closely matches the closeups

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