Monday, November 10, 2008

Frontiers Tour Hits Hawaii

Journey did two special Hawaii shirts, this one is from the Frontiers tour. (View the other one here.) It is the most elaborately designed of the special 1983 show shirts and is rare. I don't have any of the other special show ones - they end up selling for a lot in auctions, and since the focus of my collection is on the Escape tour, I don't really need to shell out the extra dough. These are the other special ones that I have seen:
  • California and Florida shows have black sunglasses on the robot guy - they say something like "California Rocks" and "Florida Jam" on them - I hope to get one of these at some point
  • A New Orleans show has a Bourbon St. streetlight on the back
  • Texas show has stars dancing around the main front image
  • Others are customized by adding the city name on the back, like my only personally purchased shirt that I still own - check it out here


Anonymous said...

Dave, I've got one of these 1983 Hawaii shirts in my closet (flew to Honolulu with the Fan Club to see them perform). What do you think it is worth?

--Tom in Concord

Davej said...

Hey Tom,

I have had another person ask about this shirt too. It's not too common and has great graphics, so I would put it on the higher end of the spectrum for values. There are a lot of eBay sellers that list shirts in the $100s and $200s - just to see what happens. Lots of those stay listed for months and months. If you listed it with a reasonable starting bid, say like $20, I wouldnt be surprized if a bidding war started and it got near $100. If I found this shirt in a vintage clothing store, I wouldn't pay more than $75 for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dave. I kinda like it so will probably just keep it and appreciate it.

Where do you live? Idaho? I heard a rumor that for their 40th anniversary the "new" band was going to play a stadium concert this summer at AT&T park in San Francisco...and that (perhaps) some of the "old" band members might join them.

Time will tell, I suppose!

Davej said...

Yeah, it would be great to see Steve P sing live again. Whether its with Journey or him recording some of those songs he says he's written during these recluse years - I would find a way to get to a show. Thanks for getting in touch! Nice to hear from a fellow fan club member.