Monday, November 10, 2008

Sorta Sleeveless Journey Shirt from 1983

Ok, real sleeveless, but whatever. This one reuses that parked beetle logo from the Escape tour during the Frontiers tour. I really really love that parked bug, and have considered it as a tattoo before, but I rarely consider tattoos. I think most people get them for the wrong reasons, and I just need a right one.

This is a standard issue concert shirt. I think the one flaw is that the bug on all the shirts I have seen dips in the middle. Its a design flaw or structural or something, but its one of the only shirts they sold with the parked bug on the front. Remember how they show that bug on the huge banner at the end of the show on the Houston DVD? I want that banner real bad.

It makes a great undershirt, but i would never be seen with it around town as is. I just won't.

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