Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All the Journey Scarab Shirts

So, here are all the scarab shirts from the Escape tour. I love how they tweaked it and special things to it for the fans. Its above and beyond, really. As you can see, these generally have grey bodies with either black or maroon sleeves. Have seen a few versions with white bodies. And just saw one from the 1981 Philadelphia and Buffalo shows with gray body and green sleeves.

As you may or may know, they are all based on the Captured album cover. Also shown here are two shirts from the Departure tour that have the original album cover design - they are the pair in the third pic - the fourth pic is the back of the t-shirt. That jersey is very rare - only one i have seen and has a blank back. These shirts often fetch hot prices - they come up on occasion, but not regularly. As an added bonus, i have a printer test thing on a piece of felt that someone was selling a while back. Its pretty cool.

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