Monday, November 10, 2008

First Journey Shirt Bought as a Collector

This is the first shirt I bought as a vintage Journey shirt collector, and the first of a handful purchased at a vintage clothing store filled with silly hipsters. It was a day on the Haight, it was there, I left without buying it and after a few weeks of obsessing about it, I went back and bought it for $35. I was pretty cheap back then so it was a tough call. Anyway, it got me hooked and I can't stop buying to this day.

Its a standard issue, mass produced and non-customized to a specific show or city jersey. I always wondered why Steve Perry is standing aside from the rest of the gang, then found out years later that he felt left out, unaccepted, and sorta sad. I hope they didn't pick on him. I have seen this one with black sleeves, but most common is the blue. In general, this one is available all the time. I read they sold over 2,000,000 shirts over the years so they should be around - but there seems to be less available on ebay every year.

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