Monday, November 10, 2008

Journey Frontiers Tour Shirts All Posted

So, 1983 is wrapped up. They are all below. Have a lookey. Frontiers was really the end of all that was good, and at the same time the beginning of the crap. Songwriting on this album is super, especially the title track - it never got enough credit. I actually got to see Steve Smith a few years later at a drum clinic and he played the drum line from Frontiers and i just remember myself and the rest of the auditorium moving to the edge of their seats to see him play it. At the end i got his autograph on an album and stole a pair of his drumsticks. I dont feel too bad about it. He also explained how "Perry" (he wouldnt call him Steve) recut the tracks with another drummer without telling him, so that's why he quit the band for ROR.

Onto the bad - the outfits they wore on that tour were absurd, even for casual observers of the day. They broke away from the beetle theme to address the rampant technological advances unfolding before our eyes. Then of course they broke up and Raised on Radio made me hang my head in shame - especially because of Johnathan Cain's freakin long neon splattered jacket and permed mullet and that lame portable keyboard thing. Artwork for that sucked then and it sucks now, as does the weak title track. My collection may not be as complete as others since I refuse to buy anything from that tour. I did get to see them third row center though - that was cool except when a colorfully huge Randy Jackson got too close. "Girl Cant Help It" is a pretty good song, I guess. I hate to be critical, but i wish they were still together and making great music as evidenced by the really good Trial By Fire. And still using Stanley Mouse for the artwork. Oh, welps.

Anyway, gonna start posting Escape stuff next, the meat of the collection. The Meat!
And if anyone wants to quit holding out and sell me the shirts that Neal and Steve S are wearing in the above picture, that would be great.

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