Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Escape Show Mommy Wouldnt Let Me Go To

I really wanted to see Journey play Blossom Music Center when they came back around after the Richfield Coliseum show, but my parents, who took me and J.T. Frasier to the first show woundn't let me. Lots a dopers, they thought.

Well, here is my redemption, my swan song, my little ditty. This vintage journey Escape tour shirt was nearly not mine. After a frantic bidding war i lost it and i was pissed. This shirt was the reason i really stretched my frugality to the limits and bid just about anything to get me some fabric. Anyway, they shirt was back on ebay within two weeks - the dude that won it wanted to have a vintage shirt to wear to the reformed Journey show, but this one was too big. He relisted it, i won it and here it is for you to admire over, or is it upon?

I see these here and there, so its not too rare. I think they played three shows, so a bunch of these were sold. Has the standard scarab front. The back image with the bug shooting a the city name etched in stone was done for a few shows, including most notably the Pine Knob show - of which i possess a very rare version of to be posted later. Its a neato one.

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