Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Escape Tour Japan - Shirt One

Holey mackerel, was what I exclaimed aloud to myself because no one else really cares when i saw this shirt. At the time it wasnt for sale - it was one that was available in the Herbie Herbert auction at I missed the bidding so i gobbled up what i could from the post sale then asked the kindly folks there to send me images of the stuff that sold. I will post that stuff in a later posting as a post. This was one of them so i was freaking out wondering how i would get it. Pretty soon after one came up in a lot of old shirts featuring a billy joel, a todd rundgren, a 49ers shirt, one from a caribean island and a real beat up Journey roadie shirt. The whole thing cost about a $100, but i sold the other shirts back on ebay and got some of the scratch back.

Its just so rare and so great to have. Have only seen one other since 2002. The back of the shirt is blank. There is another Journey Escape shirt from Japan i will post later that is ridiculous.

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