Monday, November 10, 2008

The Only Original from Youth Times

It has been through a lot since 1983, but I never stopped loving it. Its the only shirt I own from my original experience at a Journey show. Didnt buy a shirt at the Escape show the year before - opted for the giant poster for my bedroom. So this is all I got. It is very thin, with tears down the side from my burnout days. I was so excited to wear it to school the next day, and i remember the dudes saying stuff like "that's the one i'm gonna get tonight" and other such jealous lies.

This commonly appearing shirt doesnt get worn anymore, but it will stay with me forever as my sweet memories do - like making an "Edge of the Blade" album cover for art class by copying the front shirt image. And hating to have to leave the Richfield Coliseum early from the second night because my friend's dad wanted to beat the traffic. I dont really recall any other specific moments while wearing the shirt. Alas, oh well.

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