Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roadie T-Shirt from the Pine Knob Show

This is one of several extremely rare shirts gotten from a former Journey roadie who was selling lots of his stuff off on ebay. His name is Terry Brennan, and not positive if he was selling for the roadie or if he is in fact the roadie. He is great because all the stuff had buy it nows on, so you didnt have to risk losing some once in a lifetime buys, stuff you didnt even know existed. I am still so bummed i missed out on the Escape Tour leather jacket with the parked beetle logo on the chest. I saw one other for sale once, but that was for charity. Got some other things from him though that are very cool.

I had seen this shirt before, but this one is possibly one of a kind because the back graphic is on the front, and the front is on the back. Its excellent to have this one. All the Pine Knob shirts i have seen have the scarab sort of die cut out with the white border around it.

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